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Reviving Retro Exhibition by 3rd year students of VisComm - CFAD - UoS

Reviving Retro: The exhibition features a series of posters that merge vintage design elements with modern contexts, showcasing the communicative power of good design. Each piece is a testament to the project's core objective: to bridge the generational design gap and highlight the timeless nature of effective visual communication.


In this project, students were challenged with investigating historical design movements, from the geometric precision of Bauhaus to the energetic vibrancy of Pop Art and extending through the colorful decades from the '60s to the 2000s. The objective was to choose a particular vintage style and reinterpret it to appeal to today’s audience, selecting a modern subject that would be enhanced by a nostalgic aesthetic. Students selected modern themes, from environmental concerns to digital technology services, seeking to infuse these contemporary issues with the visual charm

of historical styles to captivate today’s audience.


These posters are part of broader campaigns created by the students, encompassing branding elements, social media content, and promotional TikTok videos.

Project Supervisor & Curator Dr Hala Georges

April 2024

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