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A Tribute to my Late Parents - An Exhibition at Etihad Gallery - Abu Dhabi

As an Eagle Flying with Love (كنسر يحلق بحب) This piece honors Morris Georges, the artist's father and a Syrian Air Force fighter pilot whose love for flying and commitment to family left a profound legacy. His tragic loss in the Syrian war in 2013 is immortalized here, capturing the artist's deep love and remembrance. As a father and grandfather, his spirit of dedication and care continues through this tribute, ensuring he will always be remembered.

Keep up Hope (خلي عندك أمل): Dedicated to the artist's mother, Amal Shiekh Hanna, this poster celebrates a life filled with hope, resilience, and positivity. As a respected headmaster in Damascus and a source of inspiration, Amal's legacy of ambition and the joy she brought to those around her continues to inspire. Her passing in early 2023 has permeated this work with a message of strength and optimism, embodying the hope that Amal represented, and encouraging all to persevere in her memory.

April 2024

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