In relation to Conversations in the Midst of the Syrian Conflict,

A Visual Response to the Syrian Conflict via the Domestic and Personal project;

The research looked at the ethical issues of war images and explored an alternative creative response that focuses on the personal standpoint.

Followed by exploring relevant literature and creative artwork by Syrian and Middle Eastern artists.


These research steps have all prepared me to produce a series of short films, created in response to collected interviews and materials from participants living the Syrian war and to my personal experience living far from this radical event that changed my life and the lives of so many.

Here are a number of examples;

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© 2017 by HALA GEORGES. 

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The blood bath is filled gradually to the top, it flushes away only to be filled again. All that is left are some faces of people who suffered but hopefully will never be forgotten. This piece was created in the memory of all the Syrian victims of the Syrian war. Made by Hala Georges.

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